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Frozen Drinks

Home of the Luau!!!

Welcome to the islands mon!  Do you remember your last vacation enjoying a frozen drink on the beach?  No need to go to the caribbean, you can bring the best part of your last vacation to your back yard!   Do you want to host a luau?  Let us help you with the necessary accessories.  We have Atlanta's BEST variety of equipment!  Why rent a machine when you can rent a party!!


One stop event rental shop!  Tents, tables, chairs, moonwalks, inflatables, carnival games, restrooms and more!

1 BOWL SLUSH MACHINE, 1.5 GALLON x 12 BOWL SLUSH MACHINE, 1.5 gallon x 2F.d.m. double bowl, 3 gallon x 2hi capacity, 2 unit f.d.m.island oasis machine

champagne fountainsno-kone machine


The Island Oasis brand machines are ice shavers. A supply of ice is needed.  These are the machines you see at local bars or at vacation resorts.  The Frozen drink machines will produce their own slush by freezing the mixture.  Also, warm temperatures will slow the freezing process.  You can also rent multiple machines for a discount.  The machine sizing is only a guess based on averages.  Other factors including other drinks offered, temperature, length of party, and how quickly people will drink will affect this estimate. We recommend using a bigger machine just in case.  Double bowl and 2 unit machines can do 2 different flavors. The Island Oasis machines can do multiple flavors as needed. (you can make 4 drinks at a time in 1 minute) Call us about special package pricing.  If you are interested in a lot of items we will give you a price break!! We do not supply the alcohol.


FREE DRINK RECIPES!!!!  For drink recipes go to the link RECIPES sponsored by Island Oasis, and download their guide.

Drink Machines Cost # of Guests Freeze Time*
#1 Frozen Drink Machine, single bowl, 1.5 gallon, 35 lbs. $109 7-10 people 30-60 mins.
#2 Frozen Drink Machine, double bowl, 1.5 gallon x 2, 60 lbs. $129 10-20 people 30-60 mins.
#3 Frozen Drink Machine, single bowl, 3 gallon, 67 lbs. $129 10-20 people 30-60 mins.
#4 Frozen Drink Machine, double bowl, 3 gallon x 2, 125 lbs. $139 20-30 people 60-90 mins.
#5 Hi-capacity, 2 unit frosty factory, 170 lbs. $259 Up to 150 people 30-45 mins.
#6 Island Oasis, ice grinder machine, 61 lbs $109 (150-200) drinks/hour N/A
Champagne Fountain $45 N/A N/A
Sno-Kone Machine (liquor Sno-Kones) $50 N/A N/A

* On average, depends on alcohol content and ambient temperature.



Glassware Rental Price
Margarita glass $.60 each (rack of 9)
Champagne glass $.40 each (rack of 36)
Cocktail glass, short $.40 each (rack of 25)
Cocktail glass, tall $.40 each (rack of 25)
Wine glass $.40 each (rack of 16)
Pilsner glass $.40 each (rack of 25)

island oasis, pitcherisland oasis, daiquiriisland oasis, margarita

SAN plastic ware Rental Price
Island Oasis Pitcher $3/each
Island Oasis Daiquiri glass $.40 each (rack of 25)
Island Oasis Margarita glass $.40 each (rack of 9)


bar stool, regularbar, w/ built in featuresbar, table folding

FILL 'N CHILLInflatable Bar


Item Rental Price
Bar stool, regular $4
Bars, w/ built in features $125
Bars, table folding $45
Bars, fill n' chill $50
Keg cooler, just add ice $20
Inflatable Palm Tree Bar, 13' wide, 4' deep, 10' high $150



Island Oasis Mixes-  Can only be used for the island oasis machines.  Each quart will make 8-12 oz. drinks.  The Island Oasis mixtures are AWESOME!!!  They are more expensive, but they contain real fruit puree.  FREE recipe guide on request for the Island Oasis Machines.  Please order your mix flavors early to ensure the availability and quantity of your mixes.

Frozen Drink Machine Mixes-  Can be used for the frozen drink machines or the island oasis machines.  This is a cheaper alternative for the Island Oasis machines.  1 gallon will make 64 12 oz. drinks for the island oasis machine and will make between 50-60 12 oz. drinks for the frozen drink machines. 



Flavor, Island Oasis Machines Purchase Price
Strawberry, 1 quarts produce (10-12 drinks, 1 gallon) $6/$10
Pina Colada, (10-12 drinks, 1 gallon) $6/$10
Banana, (10-12 drinks, 1 gallon) $6/$10
Margarita, (10-12 drinks, 1 gallon) $6/$10
Peach, (10-12 drinks, 1 gallon) $6/$10
Lemonade, (10-12 drinks, 1 gallon) $6/$10
Ice cream, (10-12 drinks, 1 gallon) $6/$10
Wildberry, (10-12 drinks, 1 gallon) $6/$10
Raspberry, (10-12 drinks, 1 gallon) $6/$10
Mango, (10-12 drinks, 1 gallon) $6/$10
Hurricane, (10-12 drinks, 1 gallon) $6/$10

Frusheez Flavors

Flavor, Frozen Drink Machines Cost
Margarita, 1 gallon produces (50-60 drinks, 5 gallons) $20
Strawberry Daiquiri, 1 gallon produces (50-60 drinks, 5 gallons) $20
Pina Colada, 1 gal. produces (50-60 drinks, 5 gallons) $20
Peach Daiquiri, 1 gal. produces (50-60 drinks, 5 gallons) $20
Hurricane, 1 gal. produces (50-60 drinks, 5 gallons) $20
Grape, Orange, Cherry, 1 gal. produces (50-60 drinks, 5 gallons) $20


Helpful Tips


- (Frozen drink machines ) Before your party, refrigerate the materials (water, alcohol, mix). This will ensure a FASTER freeze time.

- (Frozen drink machines ) Use the machine in an air-conditioned room.  If you put the machine outside in the sun, it will dramatically increase the freeze time.  Bring out the chilled drinks in pitchers.

- Do not use extension cords.  If you must, we will supply you with a 25' HEAVY-DUTY gauge cord.  Long or light duty cords will not work.  Try to plug in directly into a 20 amp dedicated circuit.

- If you plan to pick up a rental, use only machines #1, #2, #3,  #6.  The bigger machines (#4) are extremely heavy and you need to transport in a pickup truck, van, or big suv with the back seat out, they will not fit in a car.  Machine  #5 must be delivered and setup by us.  Do not transport the machines on their sides, they  must be upright to prevent oil leakage.  If you transport them on their sides you may be charged up to $500 for repairs!

- If we deliver the machines, the bigger ones can not go up a flight of stairs.  There must be an elevator, they are too heavy.



Rent a frozen drink machine from air amusements!  Kids and adults love slushie drinks any time of year.  Can also be used for daiquiris, margaritas, or any other alcoholic beverage.  The perfect addition to any event.

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